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“Thanks for helping us get our flea problem under control. You can't imagine how stressful it was for us (we actually considered getting rid of our dog Bandit!) You helped us keep our family together!"

-- Carl and Wendy Palmer & Bandit, Davie, FL


“Thanks, Pro-Tech, for being so accommodating with your schedule! Before, if we couldn't have service on a particular day, we had to wait for the following month. Needless to say, our roach problem wasn't getting any better, until we finally called you! You guys are highly recommended!!”

-- Steven Horowitz, Sunrise, FL

Our Services

At Pro-Tech, we offer the quality pest-control services listed. Whatever your problem, we have the solution.


General Pest Control

Pro-Tech Pest Solutions offers general pest control services to all types of commercial and residential structures, vehicles and vessels. We can customize our pest control services to meet the needs of any customer. We offer one time services, regular maintenance programs, annual treatments and on call services. General pest contrl includes roaches, spiders, silverfish, and most ants. We also offer specialty ant control for white-footed, carpenter, and caribbean crazy ants.


Lawn Control & Fertilization

We can provide a full array of lawn pest, plant disease, weed control, and specialized fertilization services to meet your landscapes’ specific needs.


Ornamental Shrub & Tree Services

We can also provide complete insect control and fertilization programs for your ornamental landscape.  We target aphids, scale, caterpillars, spider mites, mealybugs, and FICUS WHITEFLY!! 


Fire Ant Control

Fire Ants can be dangerous in any landscape, especially to children or those with allergies. Pro-Tech Pest Solutions offers multiple programs to help eliminate fire ants from your lawn, garden, patios and playgrounds. We offer monthly & bimonthly power spraying as well as annual (once-a-year) programs.  ASK ABOUT OUR ONCE A YEAR “NO FIRE ANTS” GUARANTEE!


Flea & Tick Services

When the bugs start biting your family and pets, there’s no time to waste! Call today and ask about our 100% guaranteed flea & tick treatment programs. 


Rodent Control

EEK!  They’re here!! That’s right. Rats & Mice typically do infest the same areas that people live and work.  Call us today for a FREE rodent inspection.  We offer GUARANTEED exclusion, trapping and regular monitoring programs.


Bed Bugs - YES! We do BED BUGS!

Pro-Tech Pest Solutions has the experience and the expertise when it comes to bed bugs.  Unlike many spray-and-pray pest control companies, we use the newest and most effective treatment methods AND we guarantee our work.  The sooner you call us the sooner we can help!


Specialty Services

Termite/WDO Inspections for Real Estate
Integrated Pest Management Consulting
Bee Elimination
Rodent Inspections w/letter (needed for demolition certificate)
Fly/Mosquito Management


Key Services

General Property Management
House watching
Plant watering (interior)
Contractor/Service Access